The Misdiagnosis of Mental Disorders

Mental Disorders
Over a third of medical problems that present to physicians in their offices and/or the hospitals are due to mental disorders. Doctors usually treat the patients' symptoms in hopes to make them feel better, without completely knowing the source of their problems. After running numerous tests and reviewing inconclusive results, physicians release their patients by telling them either nothing is wrong with them or following-up with them in hopes their symptoms will dissipate.

The causes of mental illnesses can come from numerous things. One being family history, two being past or present problems they may be facing, and three being sleep deprivation. The most uncontrollable cause of mental disorders is family history. It can take its toll on family members by seeing their loved ones suffering with a disorder, and then they live with the fear of knowing they may have inherited some form of it. Depression and stress can cause medical issues, such as fluctuations in blood pressure, headaches, and abdominal pains that can cause multiple visits to the doctor's office, and even the emergency room, just to be told nothing is found to be wrong.
Sleep deprivation can cause multiple health issues with our bodies, as well. If we do not get sufficient rest, our bodily systems will not work properly, and we will not be able to function correctly. Without sleep, we can become sluggish, tired, and achy. Our immune systems will not function properly, therefore, we will have a harder time fighting off infections and develop preventable illnesses, like the common cold or even pneumonia.

In most instances, the person is unaware of their psychiatric problem. It is usually noticed by a family member or someone who is close to them. These relatives normally tell the physician of the subtle changes in the patient's personality and behavior that they have seen and of any other influential changes that may have occurred in the patient's life, such as death of a loved one. This will make it easier for the doctors, and they can do a Mini-Mental Examination in their office to test for any mental disorders. If they believe the patient has a mental issue, they can treat it with drugs and/or refer to a Psychiatrist for therapy and further treatment.

Physicians can diagnose mental issues on their own, but it may be a little harder, if they are a new patient who they are unfamiliar with. That is why it is good to take a really good personal and past medical history and ask pertinent questions about the patient's experiences. It is wise to not only question about the reasons they present to the doctor, but also other issues around them they may be causing these issues. If there are any personal struggles they are enduring, of course this will affect their behavior and later their health. Some mental disorders can be cured, therefore their medical issues will subside along with it.

So try to be as honest and forthcoming with your doctor. This will not only treat whatever symptoms, you may already be experiencing, but also prevent any other issues that might be arising due to depression, stress, or lack of sleep. These mental disorders can stop being misdiagnosed and be treated earlier and more sufficiently. This will prevent worsening of their mental condition, such as a brain tumor, Epilepsy, Bipolar or Schizophrenia, or the causing of another psychiatric problem by prolonging treatment.


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